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a bit about us...

wewow was established in 2004 when founders Stuart and Darren received an enquiry for DVD packaging. They spotted a business opportunity to supply high-quality media packaging solutions and wewow was born.

Since then, wewow has blossomed into an all singing, all dancing CD and DVD replication and duplication company. Our range of services developed along with our expert knowledge and we now offer CD and DVD printing and duplication, CD/DVD replication, blu-ray DVD replication and branded USB flash drives.

But we didn’t stop there…in 2008 we became increasingly aware of the impact that CD/DVD duplication, replication and packaging has upon the environment. We had stocked a range of standard CD and DVD packaging options since the beginning but we now wanted to offer a more sustainable solution to our clients.
We worked hard and learnt a lot about packaging design and eco-friendly materials and eventually our talented packaging designers hit upon the wowPak concept – an innovative eco-friendly CD packaging solution. Made from a single piece of eco-friendly board, printed in full colour and produced entirely in Yorkshire we had struck upon something truly unique. wowPak has now been joined by WowWallet for CD and DVD, WowPromo, WowCase and WowSpiral; completely our full range of WOW CD/DVD Packaging.
We continue to work hard to offer excellent customer-service, high-quality products at competitive prices and a vast range of environmentally friendly packaging solutions.  We are also dedicated to developing our environmental policy, which is published on our website to assure our clients of the steps we are taking to minimize our carbon footprint.

our new home...

In 2013, wewow began looking at ways we could improve our Eco-Friendly image and what better way then to move premises into the new re:centre based near the Bradford City Centre. Our new HQ is made from hemp bales, includes rainwater harvesting, and ground-source heat pumps, it is the largest construction in Europe from Hemp Bales.

As an Eco-conscious company we think daily about our carbon footprint and we hope to soon all be driving low Co2 emissions cars!.

welcome to the world of eco-friendly CD DVD packaging

Here is a little insight into the hard work that has gone into designing the WOW! range of eco-friendly CD and DVD packaging
Fed up with plastic CD and DVD packaging we started working on an environmentally-friendly alternative…
After months of hard work and a lot of learning about sustainable packaging we came up with the wowPak. A unique CD presentation pack produced from a single piece of FSC accredited board and printed with vegetable based inks.
We were overwhelmed with positive feedback about wowPak, particularly from marketing agencies and corporate companies who were using the wowPak to package their promotional CDs and DVDs.
However, we were receiving more and more enquiries from clients who wanted eco-friendly packaging for retail CDs – they were looking for something the same size and feel as a jewel case with plenty of room for full colour print and space for a CD booklet.
We set to work and the result was the WowWallet. We continued to print with vegetable based inks and stuck to using a single piece of sustainable board to produce the package so that it could be sourced locally and easily recycled. We also began offering a range of recycled boards, including an earthy looking 100% recycled brown board.  We were blown away by the results of a life cycle assessment of the CD WowWallet which demonstrated that 244KG of carbon would be saved for every 1,000 CD WowWallets that were used instead of CD jewel cases.
WowWallet was a hit but we also had a number of clients who had requirements for small quantities of eco-friendly CD and DVD packaging. It was clear that for customers requiring less than 1,000 units. to package their short-run CD/DVD duplication projects, the options were extremely limited. But our approach has always been that there is no customer too big or too small and sustainable CD & DVD packaging should be available to all.
So we launched 3 versions of the WowWallet to suit the needs of our customer base; lithographic-printed WowWallet (for orders above 1,000 units), digital-printed WowWallet and WowWallet with window, both of which are available for short-run quantities over 50 units.  Our short-run CD/DVD packaging range was soon joined by WowPromo; a short run CD/DVD package designed specifically for promotional and demo discs.
Following the launch of WowWallet we also introduced a bespoke packaging design service in response to the growing number of enquires for custom packaging solutions. One of our first bespoke jobs was for the BBC, who requested an adapted version of the WowWallet which featured a special half-moon die-cut window displaying the printed disc.
It soon became clear that many of our DVD replication and duplication clients wanted an eco-friendly option which was the same size as a plastic DVD case to differentiate their releases from CDs. In response to this we set to work designing a DVD WowWallet which was successfully launched in 2009.  A recent life cycle assessment of the DVD WowWallet showed that 240KG of CO2e can be saved when 1,000 DVD WowWallets are used instead of plastic DVD cases!
Our focus is on fulfilling our customer’s needs. We listen closely to customer feedback and continue to develop eco-friendly CD and DVD packaging to suit their needs. 2010 has been a busy year for us; we have developed two truly unique and eco-friendly DVD/CD packaging solutions; WowCase and WowSpiral and we also made it on to the short-list for the BCE Environmental Leadership awards - demonstrating our commitment to the development of eco-friendly CD/DVD packaging.
In 2013 wewow moved into other eco packaging sectors. Our first product, WowGiftBag was developed as a corporate gift bag, made entirely from 100% recycled board. We love the look of this totally unique bag. We have just recently launched our WowSatchel and WowBriefCase too. These pack's was initially developed as a conference bag/delegate pack but we are already getting interest from the Education and Publishing sectors. It boasts a totally unique satchel-style look that is bang on trend, and being made from one piece of card with no gluing required it is relatively cost-effective to produce. 2013 also saw the launch of the WowWeddingCase, a low-run completly hand made case specifically designed for those treasured wedding DVDs.
2014 will see wewow move into yet more packaging sectors but also into a new direction with the launch of our new product range. Launching in early 2014 developing Super Cool Products from recycled and sustainable materials in the most carbon-conscious way possible, but not necessarily a product for the CD/DVD sector. April 2014 saw wewow launch a sister company called Co2nscience.com who produce some Fantastic Wall Art, but the beautiful thing is, its made from Recycled Plastic Bottles, check out their website for more information. www.co2nscience.com
2015, want to reduce office noise? Check out our new brand AgileAcoustics.co.uk - workplace acoustic panels made from recycled plastic bottles! This is a seperate spin off from www.co2nscience.com after we launched that in 2014. Agile Acoustics is a word-first acoustics system to transform productivity and creativity in the workplace. Our patent pending, sound-absorbing 'Agile Panels' make it easy for users to get some 'private' time just when, where and how they need it.

Keep checking back for more exciting products, it's going to be an innovative year here at wewow HQ! 

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